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The 1936 Yankees, the 1975 Reds, the 1992 Blue Jays ... why do some teams succeed while other do not?  These teams operated in much different times and environments, but are there common themes in their stories?  In fact, yes, there are.

The Moneyball strategy (as depicted in Michael Lewis's fine book) is not the first (nor the last) example of how new ideas and innovative management have transformed the way teams are assembled.  In Pursuit of Pennants examines and analyzes a number of compelling, winning baseball teams over the past hundred-plus years, along with how the evolving environment created opportunities for innovation.

Whether through scouting, integration, instruction, expansion, free agency, or modernizing their management structure, each winning team and each era had its own version of Moneyball, where front office decisions often made the difference.  This book shows how these teams succeeded and how they relied on talent both on the field and in the front office.  While there is no recipe for guaranteed success in a competitive, ever-changing baseball world, these teams demonstrated how creatively dealing with one's curcumstances can often lead to a competive advantage.


In Pursuit of Pennants is the second book for Mark and Dan as a team, following their award-winning Paths to Glory (Brassey's, 2003).  They have each written extensively about baseball for more than 20 years.   

In Pursuit of Pennants

Baseball Operations from Deadball to Moneyball

By ​​Mark L. Armour & Daniel R. Levitt

Meet the authors